Saturday, December 11, 2010

i heart the headband

More specifically the 70's headscarf type of headband. Bringing pattern and colour right up in your face. For that super cool hipster look. For when you're leaving your boyfriends house with messy hair on a Sunday - grab a scarf and look like a cool kid, not like a mess-head. Definatly rocking this look all summer and especially as a savior at festivals.

i heart batman girl eyes

From Batman Beyond. The Batgirl eye flick is a very exact art. I'm pretty sure it needs liquid eyeliner, and possibly fake lashes if you want to go all out. It looks so super sexy.

i heart Meadowlark

I want this for Christmas. I'll admit it, I have an unhealthy obsession with skulls and momento mori. It's by Meadowlark who would have to be my favourite New Zealand jewelery designer. I do indeed heart Meadowlark.

Friday, December 10, 2010

i heart Toxic Vision

Listen to Celebrity Skin by Hole for this one. Every once in a while you get that urge to dress super trash and say a big fuck you to the world through trashyass but sassy dress. Go out and get irrationally angry at someone at 2am. Have an argument and stomp off. Embrace the trash. Check out Toxic Vision.

i heart ideas

An idea can inspire the world, but an idea acted upon can change the world. Our most precious asset is our individuality.

Monday, November 29, 2010

i heart Fleur Lux

Amazing stuff. Somehow it just brings the words "female fragility" to my mind. Hypnotic, earnest and endearing these girls look complicated, these images are complex, aggressive yet vulnerable. Fleur Lux.

i heart Stacey Page

I listened to The Cure Love Cats while looking at this artist, and it somehow fits so nicely I think you should too. Quirky, slightly disturbing yet playful and delightful. There's something sinister in there, I think it has something to do with the notion the photos have actually been stabbed repeatedly with pins in the process of hand sewing these masks and patterns on top. There is something disturbing about effecting/ masking/ stabbing/ scratching out faces that's deeply ingrained in the human psyche. Take a look at Stacey Page. I hope she goes far, it's great stuff.

i heart Wildfox Couture

Sassy, trashy, Edwardian bitches. Prissy vs Punk. With that rockin' mix similar to Marie Antoinette the movie.

i heart How to be An Explorer of the World

By Keri Smith. This book is completely hand written. It's very impressive. I love how she includes the references for ideas so this book leads on to so many other people. This book changes your life. It makes you think. It makes you look. It's brilliant. Read this, start looking, start collecting, and this book will change you, in a beautiful way.

Monday, November 15, 2010

i heart Kester Black

Kester Black is the brainchild of Anna Ross. Who just so happens to also be from my hometown in New Zealand. Another one to look out for. Her latest carved wooden animal collection pulls at my heart strings. So much love and care and craftsmanship has gone into the pieces. The stones are beautiful and mystical too. Kester Black is making a real hit in Melbourne, and rightly so, its beautiful stuff you can cherish for life.

i heart Fallen

This one is on the shelves now, I just picked it up. Fallen.

i heart Christian Dior Spring 2011 RTW

Sassy femme fatale, who would quite happily kill you, meets seaside fisherman from Yorkshire. I don't know how John Galliano does it, but it's amazing.

i heart FFFFOUND!

These images are quoted from but does it float? I don't quite know how to work this new sharing website thing, but I'll get onto it. FFFFOUND! Thanks to the cool kid who kept me up to the tech' on this one. It's got some amazing ideas and works on it. I'm glad I found it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

i heart Bambi in NO Magazine

The top in the top image is Karen Walker. I love this geometric bracelet in the bottom image. Think the grey shorts/ bottoms are Stolen Girlfriends Club or Kate Sylvester. Love NO Magazine. It's one of the best, so happy it made it over to Australia last year. Another great New Zealand mag taking over the world.

i heart Hijirik Studios

From NYC and Brooklyn. In the age of digital printing there seems to be a real resurgence back to the beautiful art and craft of the printing press. It truly is an art and craft. It takes real patience and work. It is so satisfying and produces such a finer finish, I can see why it draws people in. Living what you love is so incredibly hard, honestly! An every day reminder is such a wonderful and beautiful idea. Check out the Blog Heart Fish and the Etsy shop.

i heart Jil Sander Spring Summer 2011

i heart this home

From Europeanchic.
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