Thursday, December 15, 2011

i heart Geometrics

I'm talking triangular based geometric patterns that are doodle like and almost organic in a way. There's something so natural and strong about them, they're practically addictive. Triangles are the strongest structure right? I grabbed all these images from this new site I've been perusing; Pininterest. It's getting a little bit focused on baking I've noticed recently, but what I like about it is it's social searchability.

i heart Kris Tate

Kris Tate's work instantly grabbed me. The geometrics, the colours, the use of collage, the triangles, animals, lazer eyes... it's all there in shinning glory. The works have a cheeky feel to them. I really love it how she posts videos with them too. Check out Kris Tate on Behance.

i heart LEIF

I love the knifes, spoons, cups and assorted homewares at this online store LEIF. It's just full of fun and colour. I love the classic cutlery shapes and the woolen jumpers on the cups, great for an alternative takeaway vessel don't you think?

i heart Strook Stefaan De Croock

Stefaan De Croock is one of those artists bridging the gap between street and high art. But this work caught my eye because it comes with a twist - it's graffiti water sprayed out of the moss on a wall. Beautiful! His work has that quick almost subconscious doodle sprawl vibe. Check him out - Strook.

i heart Fab Ciraolo

Fab Ciraolo is a fascinating Santiago based artist. I love the style of his works, the layering of patterns and fine lines, making the images a flat mash of pattern mixed in with the galaxy, giving an ethereal feel. Check out his blog.

i heart Charlotte Free by Elena Rendina for Wonderland Magazine Dec. 2011.

This editorial in Wonderland magazine is both beautiful and ugly at the same time, which I think it amazingly difficult to pull off. Somehow it all works together in this amazingly beautiful, ugly, powerful amalgamation of eclectic pattern, colour and style. Wowza. I found it on this site that's new to me; Trendland.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i heart long skirts

I know it's taken me a while on this one, but I really wasn't too sure about the long skirts I was starting to see people rocking. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Pleated, belted, worn with a simple tee tucked in it works for me. I first saw it a few years ago in a RUSSH or Vogue being rocked with a belt and vintage rock T-shirt. There it worked, and since then it's started to creep into fashion. Sheer versions will be a big hit this summer, I can see it happening. Just make sure you get it exactly the right cut and length.

i heart Parisian Stripes

The forever classic blue stripes of Parisian chic. A classic staple of the summer wardrobe. I'll be rocking one this summer with skinny jeans, boyfriend denim shorts for that super relaxed look, or a cotton tie up baggy short for something more classic & classy. Blue stripes give off a certain kind of demeanour; nonchalant, cheeky, playful, yet a woman who is strong and knows herself. Forever chic.

i heart Damsels in distress

Damsels in distress: Bridget Bardot, Claudia Schiffer styles. Think Roy Lichtenstein. Big hair, big bat girl eyes with that classic black flick and a lovely curvaceous figure. It's something about the vulnerable look, that slightly sad, trapped, forlorn look. It's a classic and always will be.
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