Saturday, December 11, 2010

i heart the headband

More specifically the 70's headscarf type of headband. Bringing pattern and colour right up in your face. For that super cool hipster look. For when you're leaving your boyfriends house with messy hair on a Sunday - grab a scarf and look like a cool kid, not like a mess-head. Definatly rocking this look all summer and especially as a savior at festivals.

i heart batman girl eyes

From Batman Beyond. The Batgirl eye flick is a very exact art. I'm pretty sure it needs liquid eyeliner, and possibly fake lashes if you want to go all out. It looks so super sexy.

i heart Meadowlark

I want this for Christmas. I'll admit it, I have an unhealthy obsession with skulls and momento mori. It's by Meadowlark who would have to be my favourite New Zealand jewelery designer. I do indeed heart Meadowlark.

Friday, December 10, 2010

i heart Toxic Vision

Listen to Celebrity Skin by Hole for this one. Every once in a while you get that urge to dress super trash and say a big fuck you to the world through trashyass but sassy dress. Go out and get irrationally angry at someone at 2am. Have an argument and stomp off. Embrace the trash. Check out Toxic Vision.

i heart ideas

An idea can inspire the world, but an idea acted upon can change the world. Our most precious asset is our individuality.
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