Thursday, September 30, 2010

i heart Grey

I like Superette, am also obsessed with grey. Particularly grey hoodies. I keep stealing this big boys one off my friend and wearing it. It's super snug, great for those hungover mornings. Hide away in that grey hood, you know you want to. Superette. Grey marle is especially good as exercise gear. Check it out on Operation: Hot Bitch TM. Sylvester Stallone knows how to rock it.

i heart Dries Van Noten Spring 2011 Men

If I was a man, this is how I would want to dress sometimes. Like a cool cowboy from the American countryside. Often I really do prefer mens fashion. I love these bags and I love the denim shirt and acid jeans combo too. The pull round brown cardie is very cool too.

i heart Dries Van Noten Spring 2011

This is my wardrobe on a week away in Thailand. This and beautiful bikinis. Done. I love the grey one with orange and yellow flowers especially.

i heart Salasai Autumn Winter 2011

Feeding another one of my obsessions: Geometrics. I want the oversize black jumper with the giant geometric. Super cool kid styles.

i heart World Autumn Winter 2011

If I was a gay man, I would wear World. I'm not, but I still love World. This eye makeup is just so stunning! Amazing! I absolutely love this yellow dress, it's such an amazing splash of colour it practically catches your breath. True wedding dress material, because it's such a stunner!

i heart Crystal Renns’ Fashion Feast for French Vogue

It's photographer Terry Richardson by the way. I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake with this one (thanks Designer Direction for keeping me up to date hassle free!)and the blog has been lagging behind. I'm sorry, I've been out partying and my internet has been constantly crapping out at my home pad. I have a love hate relationship with this fashion shoot, as you should with something like this, then your more likely to label it 'Art' for some stupid reason. Just because it challenges your ideals/ aesthetic it gets the 'Art' label. Anyway, it hits this new term I'm plugging. I keep saying "pushing it". It pushes it. Pushes the boundaries of our aesthetic, sexuality, ideals, physicality, foodies, dieting stuff, eating disorders, ideas on the figure, all sorts of shit. It pushes it. Be on the forefront, challenge and question everything and 'Push it People!'

i heart Balmain Spring 2011

Balmain have thier classic silhouette down and their sticking to it. You can see why Michael Jackson loved Balmain so much. What I love the most about this collection is the dirty cotton Americana tees. Love em'. Rock on!

i heart Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2011

Vivienne Westwood has to be the master of fashion. Most of all I love the shoes. I wear my Vivienne Westwood shoes constantly. I love these orange shoes (obsessed with orange!) and I love the classic white jelly shoes. Love the perfect slouchy look she pulls of so well. Love the orange shorts (told you - obsessed!). The chunky knit cardie, the pink button up dress, the patterned shirt dresses. Love it. Most of all I love that sexy big sweeping hair. Absolute sex kitten hair.
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