Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i heart Marcus Oakley

Marcus Oakley is a UK based artist. I first saw a T-shirt design he did for Lazy Oaf on Cooler. Love it, want it. Love the bold print, aggression and sense of movement in the geometric pattern. His work has a slightly retro, slightly off doodle feel to it which I also enjoy. Check out his blog too.

i heart Summer Reading

This summer I will endeavor to do something called nothing and some summer reading. The Books I'm putting on my list are garnered from one of my favourite Aussie columnists Sam de Birto. Frank, down to earth and dirty, I've been reading his writing on and off for a few years now. Here's his column. Anyway, he's just written about what it is to be free and corporate culture, the working class and all it's oppression blah blah blah and listed some interesting writers around it so I think I'll sniff them out and finally try and read his book, although I'm not sure I could handle him in large doses. His earlier book is The Lost Boys. I love the cover, I know that's the worst thing to say about a book, but it really is what you judge a book on and I do indeed like it. His new book is Hello Darkness. Positive outlook from the start huh? He mentions a book Free to be Human by David Edwards in a recent post and that looks like great reading too. I think I'll give it shot too. Thanks Sam, I'm blantantly using you as a go to guide for good summer reading.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i heart Underground Sundae

Jewellery collection described as like showering a reluctant friend in glitter is great in my books. I love the idea of making plane objects into something covetable, collectable and cool. Based in Dunedin, there's something so edgey, thrifty and Dunedinish about it that you can't quite put your finger on but what perfectly sums up the feeling of Dunedin and artists from the area. Check out Underground Sundae.

i heart Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window Displays

David Hoey is Bergdorf Goodman's Director of Visual Presentation. I wish I had that kind of title. Wow, all I can say is WOW. I want to step inside those window worlds and be swept away in all the magic, they remind me so much of CS Lewis' 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' and that magical moment when the children pass through the wardrobe for the first time into a winter wonderland.

i heart Meomi

Meomi is super cute. I just love cutesy yet sinister and totally crazy anime. I love this Jellyfish print of an exploring cat and monkey. Just wonderful! Buy Meomi prints on Society6 - my new obsession. They have a whole lot of free desktops on their site too.

i heart Madame Paper Dresses

Shot by Matthew Brodie I found this amazing post on his blog about the making of this shoot. I can't believe all the paper craft that went into this masterpiece. Check out his post on it here.

i heart Lottie + Doof

Retro Icey Pops are going to be the in thing this summer. I can see it coming, there's going to be a revival, no a craze similar to Macaroons. Homemade Ice pops are going to bring back that homegrown retro feel good summer feeling, cut grass, home-crafts, corduroy, Polaroids, film cameras, ray bans, cheesy palm tree pictures and hot sand. Burnt oranges, light and bright greens and retro brown. There's something nostalgic about Icy pops. These stunning ones come from Lottie + Doof. The coolest lil recipe blog. A more grown up, sophisticated take on the traditional. The white one is sour cream, cherry and tequila, the red is blackberry, honey and yoghurt. They sound simply scrumptious. Embrace the homemade - it's made with love.

Monday, November 28, 2011

i heart Ashkan Honarvar Collages

This Series - 'Vanitas' by Ashkan Honarvar is probably in my opinion the least disturbing of the series. 'Anatomy of War' I find particularly disturbing. Vanitas appeals to me as an entry into the works through it's use of pattern, symmetry, beauty and tribalism with just a touch of disturbing. But I think I'll leave the earlier works that are littered with gore for others to enjoy. Stunning creations, ideas and craftsmanship nonetheless. Check out the website.

i heart We Live Young

Wow. This blog is so young, vibrant, honest and intimate it's amazing. I feel like I'm intruding into someone else journal. The pictures are just stunning and it is such an intimate look into someone else globe trotting life and perspective. Wow. Absolutely beautiful, take a look at We Live Young.

i heart The Kingdom Animalia

The Kingdom Animalia by Enormouschampion are a beautiful series of wooden animals made from all genuine natural down to earth products. Made in US of A, I wish more Aussie stores stocked them, as the freight adds a bit of cost to the product. They a so gorgeous, I want the whole series! And the squirrels! Simply love the squirrels.

i heart Xavier & Me

Xavier & Me have a gorgeous set of cushions and fabric. It looks like such genuine, good quality, last a lifetime and always looks good kind of stuff.

i heart Vanessa Jackman

Vanessa Jackman is an Aussie girl who takes photographs of Fashionistas attending Fashion event on the street. What I love is when she captures them walking about, or smiling for the camera, it's a refreshing change from that usual moody model look. Vanessa Jackman.
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