Friday, August 27, 2010

i heart Future Nomads

I'm talking in the future, when were travelers in space. The final frontier. We'll be Space Nomads. Think Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Cowboy Bebop. Nomads in space. Empire of the Sun channel this look perfectly. The last pics are from one of my favourite fashion shoots by Dazed and Confused with Abbey-lee Kershaw. Think Bjork. Think about the time when we have a watch that does everything, everything the iPhone does and more. Aliens exist and were in outer-space, its just some people still choose to live the nomadic life and hitchhike it.

i heart Geometric Overload

When life gets too confusing and we have too many questions and not enough answers we need science and maths to keep us straight and sane. In comes pattern and geometry. Ruled design, an exact science. Be part of something precise. Even ancient and all knowing. The answers are here...somewhere...in the pattern...hidden...discover them. By the way the answer to life the universe and everything is 42. Ask Google, it will tell you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i heart Pilot Magazine

Shit. This is the best Mag I have seen in ages. In fact it's my new fav. I'm going to buy all the back issues. I freaking love it. It's so beautiful. I actually wish I'd bought two copies of issue four so I could cut all the pages out of one and stick it all round my room, so I was completely surrounded by all its beauty. Anyway, apparently its now available at Mag Nation in Australia, I was trying to get hold of it the whole week I was in New Zealand and couldn't find it anywhere in the South Island. The only place I found it was Auckland Airport. Anyway, if you spot this mag, take a look, pick it up, get it! It's the best original piece of magazine I've spotted in a long time. Love it.

i heart Ben Frost

"One of Australia's leading contemporary artists" according to The Vine. He has an exhibition coming up in Perth. Anyway, this stuff is great. It's like Lichtenstein listening to excessively loud drum n bass or punk until his ears bleed and painting while wearing a giant, sweaty bunny suit, all at the same time. It's disturbing and angry and makes me anxious. I like it. Buy his shit at Stupid Krap.

i heart Snuggies

It's bitterly cold and hailing here at the moment and time for snuggles. Everyone is sick (seriously, I think I missed the memo.) and staying in. Sadly I now have no human hottie (in both senses) so an electric blanket and a snuggie are in need of purchase. Check these babies out! They are super cool and come with the most amazing Icelandic stories of myths and magical times past. I think they would really bring magic, warmth and laughter to the wearer for years and years.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i heart Film Cameras

I thinking of setting up a darkroom at my place and developing my own photos again, so I've been looking at darkroom gear and I found some retro camera's that I just loooove on the internet. I also had to go through a whole lot of boxes full of all my paperwork and I found a roll of 120m film with shots from a jimmied up Pin hole camera that I had totally forgotten about. I really miss experimenting with film and in the darkroom, that anticipation of what may be produced is so lost with digital. There's some feeling that sparkles that is missing somehow. I think I'll go back to film. First up is the Fuji Instax Instant Camera, then we have the Lomography Diana F+ Camera, then some 120m film and last up is the Holga. I've read about them elsewhere but found them all online for pretty cheap through Urban Outfitters.

i heart Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan is Bat for Lashes. She is the ultimate festival chick.

i heart Festival Fashion

Right now I'm thinking about my New Year's plans. Specifically my Festival plans. There's Phat, there's La De Da, there's Big Day Out, hell there's heaps, just give me a bunch of my mates and some drum n bass. I'm talking about gumboots, docs, not washing (or brushing) your hair (ever again), ripped jeans, ray bans, tees, bra's showing, hats and headbands, messy looks, festival tags, hyper pattern, glow in the dark and neon ...all that cool stuff! Dressing extreme just for a day or two. Pushing it, cranking, dancing like a hippie, being spaced out, chillin. Really letting go and having a sweetaz holiday. The first two pics are from Fashion Rocks 2007's 'In My Tribe' shoot. Then we have Miss pretty Pandora. The rest are from Weheartit. Bring on Summer!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i heart Foothead

I've fallen in love with this blog. It's one of the most original blogs I've viewed in a long long time. I love the drawings. I love Art that simply is just drawing. None of this fancy shit, just drawing. Finished drawings. Drawing as finished Art. James-Jean-esq mixed with Mr Ren and Stimpy; John Kricfalusi. Flowing yet gritty. Really I just love his travel photos. He takes photos of the same random shit I take photos of - like mushrooms, trees, rocks, graffiti, and random stuff. It's awesome. Anyway, it looks like he's lived a bit of an 'Into the Wild' lifestyle. Cool. I was talking to my flattie about traveling last night and now I'm dying to go travel some more. Live like a Nomad for a while. Aching for it. Follow the sunshine....sigh.

Monday, August 16, 2010

i heart Crotchet Craziness

Guns by Inger Carina and stones by Resurrection fern, check out her Etsy stuff too. These beautiful lamps are by Moonbasket and this amazing furniture is by Marcel Wanders. There are some crotchet lamps for sale through this beautiful new store in Williamstown Melbourne called The Assembly Hall. I'm talking about pushing the boundaries of crotchet. Not just bikinis and belts but furniture, lighting, hell everything! What's not to crotchet?
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