Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i heart Fashion History

The first complete collection of New Zealand fashion, past, present and future, is coming soon. The brain child of Doris de Pont (after 25 years as a designer) the Museum is really more of a series of pop up exhibitions, live events and a launch celebrating all of New Zealand's fashion history.

“There is this perception that fashion in New Zealand had no merit before the late 1990s but this is completely untrue,” de Pont says.

“Look at the photos of our past and you will see amazingly dressed men and women. I believe passionately that our unique fashion story must be revealed and preserved."

This is so true, my grandfather once showed me an old film (on an oooold projection machine) of my grandmother playing cricket in a beautiful scarlet dress, A line with buttons, collar and a belt around the waste. I was blown away by her style. She looked stunning.

The Fashion Museum is seeking 200 'Foundation Fans' who will make a one off $500 donation to support the establishment of the Fashion Museum website and initial exhibition programme. Be a part of New Zealand Fashion History and make a donation. I wish I had the spare cash.

The site also has some short vids with the likes of Karen Walker and Cybele Wiren.

Thanks Designer Direction for the update, you guys rule!

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