Thursday, November 11, 2010

i heart Junior

Junior is the best Melbourne young designer club. There isn't much wankier than that. Sign up for the newsletter. Now, actually last year dude, sign up already! Get up with the tech' and in with the cool kids. I love the posts, like Push it and Blank Paper. The writing form is witty, easily readable and interesting. Keeps you stuck to the page, even when the spazzy graphics start to make your eyes bleed. There's this one guy...Stan... on there that writes this really inspirational stuff, but it's also kind of like when your big brother is like "Hey, you suck. Pick your fucking act up." and your like "Oh, Shit! I do suck, now I'll do that awesome stuff you told me to do." and taadaa! Your awesome just like they said, but your brother is still an asshole, but you love them for it and they'll be an asshole to you forever. That's what family is for...right? It's really good, motivating and inspiring. Honestly, why haven't you signed up already?

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