Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i heart Nom*D Turncoats

There’s a quiet stoicism in Nom*D’s latest offering, and this soft dignity is reflected in the short film that accompanied the cult label’s runway performance at New Zealand Fashion Week. Hauntingly real, the film bridges the gap between girl hood and growing up with a poignant nostalgia. Featuring young women caught somewhere between hand clapping games, kitten petting and fashion, the film is youthful and exuberant in its portrayal of this coming of age story.

Heady and romantic, the story begins with the embodiment of the beauty of our path to womanhood, using clothing to eternalize the little girl that still plays within us all. Layering and lace reign supreme, as billowing fabrics and ruffled collars in pale, neutral shades create a fairy like whimsy that gives the film an ethereal element.

Eventually, the film twists into a darker, older sister- the woman whose life experience is bound up in the pains of life. The collection and the cinematic visuals still retain a sense of romance but where beauty once came from innocence, it now comes from knowing. The clothes are black, industrial and embellished with tough leathers and the wounded expressions of the models.

In an epiphany of bursting light, Nom*D is released into the wilderness in a hopeful, joyful conclusion to our inevitable path. Colour bursts into a forest scene, and draped, nymph like outfits are characterized by vibrant reds, printed purples and jungle greens. The models run through the forest in a show of glorious freedom, before a final, solitary woman appears like a goddess in white by the water to be reborn. And so is Nom*d’s beautifully affirming cycle of life.

By Katgeorge The Vine

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