Monday, May 24, 2010

i heart Emersonmade

They have a super cute website and I love the way they talk about the little mousey they've made, its super cool and cute! See: "Yes thats a Natural Mouse! Yes for all Ye Askers there's currently a 2 week back order to get your Mouse in the HOuse but have no fear Mouse knows how to high tail it over to your place as soon as he packs up his little flowers, brushes his Gob, primps his tail, preens his Goldie Stitches and takes his show on the Road. New Army of Mice ship out on regular schedule in June.

Hey send your pics of Mouse, there's an Army of Mouse out there and we like to see what Mouse has been up to lets face it we know he's been up to some Things with you hasn't he! by god lets have a look shall we!"
Here's the pic! its awesome!

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