Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i heart Kate Sylvester Spring 2010

I stole these pics from Rag Pony and I love what she says about Kate Sylvester, Sylvester has been one of my favourite designers for years, years! Anyway, Rag Pony is right on the button with what she says (which I will also steal)..."New Zealand designers are "the ones who actually clothe the girls, you know, who make sure nobody leaves the house without a cardigan or a sensible pair of shoes". Bingo. Sylvester shows collections I can and will wear. As much as I can appreciate the look of sexyshorttightandbright dresses that abound at RAFW, in reality they aren't going to get anywhere near my body. Much more realistic is the charming combination of masculinity, femininity and nana that Sylvester does so well."

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