Thursday, September 16, 2010

i heart Geeks

Listen to N*E*R*D 'Things are getting better' with this one. Because it's all about the cool super sexy geeks. Big-ass glasses, tartan shirts, tattoos and piercings. Girls crank out the video games, the star wars tees, pull up your socks, put on your blazer, wear your skirt a bit higher, get high top underwear. Don't go outside this summer, except to parties at night. Read books. Lots of books. Even better, read comics. Be able to name all the members of the Justice League. Give Space Invader birthday cards to your friends, hell get them tattooed on you. Get the Tri-force from Zelda tattooed on your arm even. Bake muffins an read Frankie Magazine. Get to know some pop culture. Get your brain on. Get your geek on. After all, we all know the geeks are then next ones to rule the world.

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