Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i heart Summer Reading

This summer I will endeavor to do something called nothing and some summer reading. The Books I'm putting on my list are garnered from one of my favourite Aussie columnists Sam de Birto. Frank, down to earth and dirty, I've been reading his writing on and off for a few years now. Here's his column. Anyway, he's just written about what it is to be free and corporate culture, the working class and all it's oppression blah blah blah and listed some interesting writers around it so I think I'll sniff them out and finally try and read his book, although I'm not sure I could handle him in large doses. His earlier book is The Lost Boys. I love the cover, I know that's the worst thing to say about a book, but it really is what you judge a book on and I do indeed like it. His new book is Hello Darkness. Positive outlook from the start huh? He mentions a book Free to be Human by David Edwards in a recent post and that looks like great reading too. I think I'll give it shot too. Thanks Sam, I'm blantantly using you as a go to guide for good summer reading.

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