Thursday, November 10, 2011

i heart Jam

I recently made strawberry jam at the weekend. I used this recipe on Taste but changed it a bit (as I do). Rather than add lemon I added a vanilla pod at that time to spread some yummy vanilla flavour too and I did half apples to bulk up the jam and thicken it as Strawberry jam can be on the thin side some times. If I were to make strawberry jam again I would probably add water at the lemon stage along with the vanilla and probably do a little less apple. It is beautiful jam though. What I really love about it is doing the labels and the tradition of it. My family has rows and rows of different jams glistening up on the shelves in the kitchen, all named with different years and all with slightly different tastes. It's the authenticity, the craftmanship, eating something special and infused with love in a way. It makes that breakfast in bed so much more special. It makes a great gift, in fact I might make more jam and give it to my friends for Christmas presents. Last year I got a jar of handmade roasted muesli mix and it was really a great gift.

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