Monday, March 8, 2010

i heart The Design Files

This site has been sitting open on my computer at work for days! I go to close it and something draws me in and I just can't close it! I've decided it's now too sneaky and dangerous so I'm putting it in a post!

Also it showed me goodies like the "Insert Coin Here" project at Craft Victoria. I went with little gold coins in hand to get some and it was sold out! Gone! I will keep hunting it down and get my little hands on one of those goodies...oh I will!

The Design Files

1 comment:

  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for the lovely post! The machines are now at Captains of Industry and I went in there this morning to check up on them and there are still quite a few left!

    Here are directions on how to get to Captains:

    Thanks again and I hope you can make it down in time to get some goodies!

    XX Nella + Kim (Insert Coin Here)


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