Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i heart Homelove by Megan Morton

Megan's new book comes out this month and is all over the internet... from The Age:
Morton tells her clients to get an old shoebox ("Most will go and buy a chic white one from kikki.K!") and for an entire month fill it with things they love (see Kellie's report card). "I tell them not to limit it to paint and tiles. It could be an outfit from a magazine, shoe leather or the colour of a labrador," she says

"How does a Lanvin dress translate to an interior? You could say it was the beautiful texture of the fabric or the geometrical print. You love cashmere cardies? Ah, then you will love a silk carpet.

"After a month of collecting, I meet with the client and we go through the box. Then I take the box shopping. Would this fit in the shoebox? It helps me to home in. You risk making fewer mistakes."

You can also win the book and a pretty package on The Design Files and check out her other interiors on there... I love The Design Files!

Take a sneak peak at the book here, where you can also get your hot lil hands on a copy!

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