Monday, March 8, 2010

i heart Furoshiki

I've just started taking my lunch to work to save money and be more of a healthy bunny. I started to realize that I keep taking plastic bags to work to carry my lunch. I especially noticed today, when I went to grab a plastic bag ...and there were none left. So I'm going to try a fabric "Furoshiki" bag. It's a Japanese art of wrapping fabric. I've got some very pretty silk and cotton scarfs that sit year round in my wardrobe looking pretty, now the street will get to see them too. Plus the environment might like me a little bit better.

I found a blog post with some interesting info about the Japanese Government encouraging Furoshiki.

Last year, Japanese Minister of the Environment, Yuriko Koike created a the "Mottainai Furoshiki," a call for international community to utilize furoshiki instead of plastic and paper bags in order to avoid the accumulation of pollution and to decrease natural resources exploitation. The minister stated that, "It would be wonderful if the furoshiki, as a symbol of traditional Japanese culture, could provide an opportunity for us to reconsider the possibilities of a sound-material cycle society."

You can download the instruction sheet here.
Find even more instructions here.

There's even a book called Wrapagami.

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