Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i heart Adventurer Fashion

I'm on an adventure, but its not safari, and it's not the jungle, so I can't do that sexy seasonal safari look, besides it's more hard yakka an adventure. I was thinking more Steve Erwin, Girl Guide and Indiana Jones style. I was thinking, its not really Safari, it's Adventurer! It's the similar brown and grays, but its some how less sexy and more geeky. More real genuine leather and less fake animal print. It's slightly Steam Punk, but not really. It's butterfly collector gets caught out in the wild and is actually a master of the wilderness. It's the call back to workman's boots, its the khaki green back in, its the long army-esq jackets and functional clothing, it's the leather chest belts but all with a geeky biology zookeeper bent. It's butterflies in jars and insects on pins, hell lets go jelly-fish fishing! It's an adventure!

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