Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i heart Foothead

I've fallen in love with this blog. It's one of the most original blogs I've viewed in a long long time. I love the drawings. I love Art that simply is just drawing. None of this fancy shit, just drawing. Finished drawings. Drawing as finished Art. James-Jean-esq mixed with Mr Ren and Stimpy; John Kricfalusi. Flowing yet gritty. Really I just love his travel photos. He takes photos of the same random shit I take photos of - like mushrooms, trees, rocks, graffiti, and random stuff. It's awesome. Anyway, it looks like he's lived a bit of an 'Into the Wild' lifestyle. Cool. I was talking to my flattie about traveling last night and now I'm dying to go travel some more. Live like a Nomad for a while. Aching for it. Follow the sunshine....sigh.

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