Thursday, August 19, 2010

i heart Festival Fashion

Right now I'm thinking about my New Year's plans. Specifically my Festival plans. There's Phat, there's La De Da, there's Big Day Out, hell there's heaps, just give me a bunch of my mates and some drum n bass. I'm talking about gumboots, docs, not washing (or brushing) your hair (ever again), ripped jeans, ray bans, tees, bra's showing, hats and headbands, messy looks, festival tags, hyper pattern, glow in the dark and neon ...all that cool stuff! Dressing extreme just for a day or two. Pushing it, cranking, dancing like a hippie, being spaced out, chillin. Really letting go and having a sweetaz holiday. The first two pics are from Fashion Rocks 2007's 'In My Tribe' shoot. Then we have Miss pretty Pandora. The rest are from Weheartit. Bring on Summer!

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